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Office Hours of Operation

Please see Office Hours for planned holiday closings for our offices, and our office working hours. Any changes to the information posted there will be announced in our Monthly Specials email.

If you would like to start receiving our Blue Moon Monthly Specials email, please go to "Monthly Specials" in the Information section for instructions on signing up.

You may visit Blue Moon E-Commerce site as a Guest, where you have the option to place an order and checkout without creating a customer account. However, please be aware that some of our ordering services will not be available to customers who do not create a customer account. For example, you will not be able to view the status of your current orders, or your order history. Additionally, you will need to re-enter all of your shipping and billing information each time you place an order.

Create a Customer Account
Establishing a Customer Account in our E-Commerce application is easy, your information is secure, and is a real timesaver for your future orders. Select Create an Account on the E-Commerce homepage. You will be asked to provide basic name, address, and contact information and to establish an account Password. Ensure you have received an Account Confirmation letter via email before placing your first order.

When entering your address, it is best that you do not use abbreviations unless absolutely necessary to fit address information within allowed spaces. When using an abbreviation ensure it is a commonly accepted version - made up abbreviations may result in delaying the delivery of your order. Be sure to include building, suite, floor, apartment, or office numbers when available to ensure your order is delivered directly to you and not held at your dock. UPS charges Blue Moon every time a delivery address is incorrect or incomplete - so please ensure you provide correct and complete Ship To and Bill To addresses.

Do not provide your Password or Login to anyone, as you are responsible for all orders placed under your email and password combination. Be sure to make and keep a record of your password.
If your Password or Login is lost, you will need to create a new Customer Account. For your security, Blue Moon does not maintain any listing of customer Password or Login information.

Question Resolution - Before You Order
If unsure about ordering any item(s), please contact Blue Moon before placing an order - see Contact Us in the Information section. It is much easier and less time consuming for you to contact us in advance of order placement, than for us to attempt to reach you at a later time. Resolving questions ahead of time will ensure your order is not temporarily held waiting for questions to be resolved. Our objective is to ship your order correctly - the first time.